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teenage fanclub here album cover
teenage fanclub here album cover

Here is a great Teenage Fanclub album

Here by Teenage Fanclub.

I have been a Teenage Fanclub fan since I was seduced into parting with my pocket money by the lurid cover of bandwagonesque as a young impressionable man back in the early 90s. One of my first gigs was Teenage Fanclub and The Breeders supporting Nirvana in the Kings Hall, Belfast, which was quite the transformative experience! I tell you this, not as an expression of braggadocio, but so you understand that this review is far from impartial, but from a diehard fan that has followed this band for decades at the time of writing.

Teenage Fanclub grew out of the rich Glasgow music scene in the late 80s/early 90s, this influence is clearly audible in their early music, along with unmistakeable presence of Grunge. You can’t keep a good melody down, however, and the common thread between all their work is superbly crafted melodies, spirit nourishing harmonies and soaring and ringing guitars.

What’s the album like?

‘Here’ is special. The album is quiet and assured. Raymond’s voice has never sounded better, he doesn’t miss a beat on this record, his lyricism better than ever before and the rich, quirky music tracks amazing. He plays a blinder, too, enhancing Norman and Gerry’s numbers with some great unexpected and delightful guitar work, his best in years. Gerry’s blissed out shimmering summer that started on Lightships is given voice here, ‘I have nothing more to say’ both his and the album’s highlight. For me, the album’s closer, ‘Connected to life’ is the best song Norman has penned since ‘Alcoholiday’. All low key ‘kangaroo’ style feedback, folk rock leanings firmly on the sleeve, it’s a stunner.

If you blink you could miss some of the amazing work on this album, there isn’t a single clanger or filler on it. It’s their best work in years and I can’t wait to see them in November.

Grab it here.